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Welcome to my website ZJ 12 (Z i d a n e J a m e e L 1/2)

:: News Update ( 04 - 06 - 2018 ) :

-Hello everyone ( ^_^ ) Welcome to my website I updated it to create many New Webpages I hope you like my ideas and projects because I want write many things about Video Games and Create Stories like Book and Solve problems about Me and Life and do many things useful or funny to makes people happy this is my website I hope you like it...


:: News Update ( 09 - 06 - 2018 ) :

-I created new flag maybe they like my idea I hope you like it the problem about my country flag people don't like it can't visit my country I decided to change the name for present from kuwait to Kt wait (This is not real example maybe they can change it in the future -See Picture-).

:: Kt wait (NEW FLAG) Example :


:: News Update ( 13 - 08 - 2018 ) :

-I uploaded video on Google Drive Gameplay for Kingdom Hearts II Español PS2 I hope you like my video but I can't find more video games in different languages...

:: News update ( 08 - 09 - 2018 ) :

-Today I was thinking about my projects and ideas try to send them to someone in country but I don't know maybe late because my orders it's very difficult I need many things to continue I hope people like my ideas and visit me at best time to visit I mean in vacation ( Don't worry I'm not actor scary change my mind I'm natural when I speak to people ask me or send message by Whatsup before enter to speak which language do you like World (English) or Asian languages )

be confident tell me about my projects and ideas on website and channel you are welcome...

:: News update ( 22 - 09 - 2018 ) :

-Dante return back Where are you I'm alive waiting you maybe I can be with you with power of fight I become demon before but not now I will makes the world better than before can't play like crazy destroy everything with tricks and more funny ideas I will succeeded fine or not fine not important but did you drink water Oh I forgot that nothing happening to me people...

:: News Update ( 03 - 10 - 2018 ) :

-At night I was wondering feel not conscious try to solve or try to send be near kings in my country because the situations not settled...!? Normal people or Others try to play game with me like change words papers and maybe throw my ideas and projects away without sense what's the meaning of this I'm waiting I write many things important for country but no one answer in kuwait all people become against me in my country become betrayal try to play with mind without respect race mercy me I mercy you humans this is the end of the world no respect for this country should be correct advanced Now without hesitate...

:: News Update ( 10 - 10 - 2018 ) :

-Hello everyone if there's no anyone in this world I mean earth not another planet interested in my ideas and projects care about the country I live from born to 30-35 my age now 32 years old I hope the country do something about study Study mean no insist only institute for someone need to study something or some subjects to create or have ideas for internet but for older people should study alone in room in present search on internet understand the meaning without teacher or doctor or etc nothing important can't they help me alot the stupid now teacher or doctor he think he is the clever you should hear me I'm your father I'm the God I said to myself go to heaven I don't care about you ever nothing people relax in homeland study alone is the best choice for the world without someone speak alot scream like evil demon monster try to kill you... Sleep and then read alone you can be clever meet me alone drink some coffee with milk and watch TV change channels whats happening to this world...!

:: News Update ( 11 - 10 - 2018 ) :

Hello everyone and zoho sites I want to say something about my ideas and projects is the website complete Yes I updated it but need to add more things it's easy to continue but need to solve my problems in reality I'm late my age 32 years old want married not settled now but need someone encourage me because I don't have father my past father can't respect me always care about someone else and then my family think I'm child or younger try to speak without respect my age I'm growing now slowly but need someone clever try to speak to them or need prizes or group encourage me to do something and speak to family to lecture them the age what's the meaning of someone reality in 32 years old popular in video games create websites and channels try to visit or do something in the future speak UK with few or some words US and learn other asian languages I'm not normal person sorry people I discover I'm something else in present change sudden when I study...