J u s t 4 f u n z j

Welcome to my website ZJ 12 (Z i d a n e J a m e e L 1/2)

:: News Update ( 04-06-2018 ) :

-Hello everyone ( ^_^ ) Welcome to my website I updated it to create many New Webpages I hope you like my ideas and projects because I want write many things about Video Games and Create Stories like Book and Solve problems about Me and Life and do many things useful or funny to makes people happy this is my website I hope you like it...


:: News Update ( 09-06-2018 ) :

-I created new flag maybe they like my idea I hope you like it the problem about my country flag people don't like it can't visit my country I decided to change the name for present from kuwait to Kt wait (This is not real example maybe they can change it in the future -See Picture-).

:: Kt wait (NEW FLAG) Example :