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Zidane Jameel 1/2 (Updated in 17-07-2018)

-My name is Zidane Jameel 1/2 I'm interested in Drawing & Listen to Music & Reading & Actors and doing many useful things in my lifetime so I have an idea to create a website to translate my favorite Video Games to my favorite languages ( JP to English UK&USA - JP to Chinese Mandarin language - JP to Korea ) such as Adventures & RPG & Horror Games If you like me you can Watch my videos on YouTube & Enjoy ( ^_^ ) .

The art of memories Near Doors

I can't open my eyes the light far from me I can reach it with hand but keep it with you You can't lost it The light will become sun shining around the world maybe I can save the world with power of light...


About my first channel Zidane Jameel 2 Different cutscenes/fmvs and many test waiting you there if you watch my videos...