J u s t 4 f u n z j

Someone very sad want Hair become long but the body very weak inside can't speak want to say something to people Please help me I'm alone! The story from stranger can't speak.

About this story : for the world people afraid from life they can't be beautiful ( Maybe true )

I'm alone at night waiting someone help me because I can't move my body I want say something to people but people laugh at me because I don't have money I'm beautiful like someone dear to me but I can't find his/her name I remember about them but I keep them I will draw many things about them The rains increased sudden and people become without hair My hair become long and nice with beautiful color brown I walk many times to search for someone I find my girlfriend say something Where are you? I'm here with you... I can't be alone without you I hope we can change the world with love and become kids again and play.