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Long Story about RPG Games ( True Story )


Some information about the Game : JP translated to US become PAL in Europe.
Some information about Drawing Real or NOT : Maybe Real someone imagine something and draw some places and others but I need more time to discover these things.
Some information about people Real or NOT : People not scary in RPG Games but exist in the past people nowadays think not in present these characters about those people Real but Good People very rare now I hope they can exist now this is my dream now.
About me : Zidane Jameel 1/2 ( ジタン )
About Age (Can I read this long story about RPG Games) : You should be 25 or 35 or more because you will remember everything about it be ready for this it's difficult need some times to relax and do something else and continue if you read this long story you will be very sad and love me Can't sleep forever...!


History About RPG Games :
From 1986 to 2017
Dragon Quest I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII - VIII - IX - X - XI

Introduction :
Hello everyone I want write about RPG Games it's long story but I can write many things about it the cause of that I have many -info- but I can't remember I will try to remember everything to organize -info- and say something and discover something it's difficult but I need more time.

Questions about RPG Games!?
Why you love Hero always enter in another world?
I can't find good people in reality I need good people in present in the past I was very sad but I change now I need friends.

You play alot of video games and watch few anime Do you want play them in Japan always or sometime!? ( About this Question old I can't live there because I'm outside from Asia I eat and drink clean foods and do something else Maybe I can live... )
I'm not like before but in the past I don't care about my age I need more time to do something my brain like kids I don't know something about life and people I need friends always I need change my life say something funny if my friends say something wrong I become very sad and return back to video games and anime my brain become kid in the end I need cure in Japan but live reality forever I can see and remember but I can't play because I'm expert in video games.

About play video games about you What's your favorite console or pc game?
about me Strange Story in console when I catch Controller I forget everything remember my childhood memories and then sudden change say something else not like before I can't return back to present because good people say something good to me but I can't forgot them the best thing in Japan I want play One Video Game in PC old not new my favorite video game...

-[ ルナ シルバースターストーリー (PC) ]-
-[ Lunar: Silver Star Story (PC) ]-

-Notice : +Something Funny makes me happy maybe I do something wrong in video games this is not real this is the beginning ( ^_^ )+

The Player Feeling :
-I test the game I want do something funny in game but I don't know How to play it there's no one know about this games so I decided to see the menu to understand the story and read many information about game I want be expert but I should know everything to play very well my hands like kids I want to play faster I want do many things like expert I want play slowly not balanced I mean medium I can't do anything wrong only watch screen my family don't care about me even my age!.

The Player Screen :
-I can watch many things like places and cities I want walk in real life but I can't I walk in video games I think the screen real life but the places or cities are beautiful I don't like the scary places like Evil and Demons but there's no choice I want defeat them with sword and guns and magic and do many spells maybe summons my mother scared how you can play these things you are crazy I turn OFF my console I said I want do something else and I laugh and then in the night I turn ON the console I return back to normal my Hair become long little I want to be Hero defeat Demons and defeat Evil King or Emperors and then in The End I kiss women beautiful this is my dream she become hero like me and I hope see her again I don't like Game Over.

The Player want something else not like womens scary little :
-I want do everything wrong in video games like Fighting and hit many Fighters but people think I'm scary little I want do something in reality the Older and Police imagine me something else scared me alot I want do something good to relax my Heart and Feeling When I'm attack someone I want to kill him to revenge from him spread blood in ground that's makes me fine I want do this for many people I love womens I don't care about bad people I want to be scary like blood in war to scare people alot my Rank the First S not A!?

Good Player Environments How they think when Play many RPG Games!? :
( The best story about me )
-My name is Zidane Jameel I mean Zidane in FF9 I love him alot I can't forgot him because he is funny makes me laugh alot like me but why I can't see other people Other people not like Zidane very nice person silent speak good with womens Protect and respect womens don't like mens The mens don't makes me smile alot always hit me they think I do something wrong I don't care I want exit and see the world maybe I love the princess I should avoid bad people I need group or party my Ability against every Evil not human I'm human save beautiful girls I don't care about the hairstyle but I prefers Long or Medium keep skin soft and warm silent speak but alone at night my dream nice I see the moon yellow white little but I can't return back without you I want write stories about you and see the sea and oceans I travel with my friends and I defeat stupid demons on my world not another world that was me I succeed in the end because I'm very strong love girls my group encouraging me be very cocky with girls Man I said OK thanks I have a appointment I should do something because I'm clever I want turn the world many times maybe I find girls remember me I defeat all the Bosses in the End Kuja the very stupid guy don't like the world The world Save and then the princess run away and I said shy little don't scare people I will love you forever you are my heart The End.

-Notice : +I want become Rambo now I want speak like him very strong /(//_-\\)\+

The Story about RPG Games How they create the world and makes group or party add someone to change someone have many Equipment (Equip) and Items and Magic (Like Black or White) have many Abilities or Skills and in the end Strange power for one person or many persons maybe they can cooperate with others the Text will change not like before maybe become more advanced and nice colors with brighten (Like 2D or 3D) I hope you can understand and test these games because it's funny makes you excited... :

Examples : +Some Screenshots about my favorite video game Grandia Xtreme from website.+

Examples : +Some videos about video game PS2.+

The "World" and "Environment" How they create the game!? :

-Notice : I want to learn some people in the past how in the present create many video games and become advanced or more advanced I'm not complex like some people in the past but I need to study more to know the present What people like or love these video games I like people in present because they can't do anything wrong ( ^_^ )

You can imagine in present How they create the game like before You need account to use programs or programs Free or programs need to Buy them on websites and many tools from someone maybe free or need to donate with them...

Someone create video games in the past : Very difficult nowadays Only Japanese or someone outside know about English maybe they want translate these video games.

How they can Draw before and in present like Painters!? :


JP:ピアソーラーと偉大なる建築家 (EN: Pier Solar and the Great Architects)



Video about someone have Guide :

The weather in RPG Games 2Dor3D : ( The weather is different on every game )

-The sun in the morning : In -2D- games you can see the sun move and return back to normal like real but repeat again like Flash GIF or something else like Types from images PNG or JPG-JPEG if you are good in computer (Like PCorLaptop).

Picture : +Example like someone draw in video games 2D+


In -3D- game we can see the sun move and turn around like Ball or Basketball if you turn it around when you play it with friends but How we can create the sun!? You can use Free program called (blender) Are they nowadays update program!? Yes you can enter website and download it. If you create many things on blender You can transfer many things you create on other programs and convert many types of files using tools before you can use them on programs like Unity.



Unity (You can create 2d or 3d games using account)


-The Sunset soon become night :

In -2D- Games you can see the sunset next to you it's nice and silent beautiful view the colors are Red and Orange with few light become mixed you can see the sun from afar try to hidden herself become night and return back to normal in the morning.

Example : +(Picture)+


In -3D- Games the colors become more Brighten the sea move little you can see some light from the sunset it's beautiful makes the see shining few like stars when you play at this moments you hope remember and play the game again when you use the controller or some touch nowadays.

Example : +(Picture)+


-The night in the evening :

In -2D- Games The night become Dark like the black some people think the dark scary alot someone want do something wrong to world or Bosses like Monsters or Devil or Demons or unknown race it's not for kids but I advice some people nowadays avoid these things and say something else because the kids very stupid think these things exist in real life not anime and game...! The night is something else it's beautiful like Portrait someone draw using paint brush try to makes the (clear-view) to meet someone friends or someone dear or girlfriend they want say something about the view how it become more beautiful maybe they invite others and play and speak silently in the evening.

Example : +(Picture)+


In -3D- Games the night become more clear like Tales of Graces f (PS3) people always set in houses need relax and sleep and do something else like candles and eat something Sweety ( I mean Sweets Like cakes and chocolates with mixed things become delicious ) You can walk or run at night and training to fight some monsters maybe the events become more excited meet or meets some friends your group or party they makes you funny laugh alot and you are near to the end I prefers prepare yourself before depart this is RPG Game not only watch Anime.

Example : +(VIDEO)+

-The best moments and very dangerous events :

Hero men love beautiful women Sudden change and say something I want to be near you forever...! some pictures in RPG Games how Hero men love women!?

(Tales of Symphonia)
(Final Fantasy X)

The very Dangerous Events be ready for this there's no choice if you are human or something else in RPG Games cooperate with others...! Some Pictures or Videos about Events...!?

(Final Fantasy VII-FF7 _Sephiroth-)
(FF7 Video (Model test) _Sephiroth Kill Aeris but Cloud shock Can't move!-)

(Chrono Cross _I remember KID!?-)


(CC _Lucca's Orphanage-)

(Final Fantasy IX - _Princess Garnet-)


(FF9 - _You are not alone!?-)

-The Music and Songs in RPG Games :

The best RPG Games if you want play games like Tales of Series many events waiting you You should play long to hear them and listen to them but you need guide in japanese and many OST like CD or DVD or more on internet (Websites and Others) Examples about these Music and Songs... :

(Tales of Phantasia - _I miss you...-)

(Tales of Xillia - _Opening [Jude]-)

(Tales of... _A Chance to Shine-)

What's the best religion in RPG Games!? :

- For Japanese I don't know maybe they can do something in the end but sudden change and become very weak need religion.
- For All people like English the best choice for RPG Games read translation in English US He/She can understand the story and some information about the Game maybe they can do something like Japanese in the end but need more tired to do this the best religion christian.

+Complete 100%+