J u s t 4 f u n z j

About Contact in the beginning How people Speak!?

- Speak and Hear voices.
- Send messages using paper write something.
- Sound or Ring.
- Dance or Create many sounds to make Music and then Listen to music.
- Call from afar from forest or place.
- Puzzles and discover something to speak with others.
- [Not Real maybe true] People read minds and thoughts to speak to others.
- [Not Real maybe true] Doing some magic or spell or rituals like curse without need from Good religions.
- [Not Real maybe true] Strange voices and then speak.
- Telephone or Fax.
- Mobile Old or New.
- Mic or something else New.
- Head-phone or something else New.
- Camera or Some New Cameras.
- Chat or have many accounts.
- Email or Hidden websites.
- In the future I don't know I hope we can cooperate and speak silently but without notice from people.