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: المشاريع الحالية


Future Projects :

: المشاريع المستقبلية

Final Fantasy VIII PDF [PC]

Final Fantasy VII PDF [PC]

Parasite Eve PDF [PS3]

Wild Arms PDF [PS3]

Silent Hill PDF [PS3]

"Zidane Jameel will create PDF like the official in the future [Free Download for Arab only]"

The cause of late I'm trying to update my PDF like the official [Free Download on internet] on my website Zidane Jameel will upload on GoogleDrive the PDF includes introduction and some information about the game Walkthrough with translation and about Zidane Jameel I'm thinking of drawing some maps for the game but I don't know how to use laptop to draw some maps in programs I will be late because I'm trying to test my drawing talent in programs sorry about that I will come back soon in the future.